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Commodore Free Issue 85

December 17, 2014

Posted by Chris

Its not been long since issue 84 was released, here we have issue 85. The last issue for 2014.

Download here



* Editorial
* Commodore Free E-Cover Tape #16
* General News
– Retro Game Calendar 2015
– TherapSid
– BEEP Documentary
– Particles! BBS
– Cassiopei Update
– CBM prg Studio v3.1.0
– C64Studio v3.8
* C64 News
– Reformation C64 Remixes
– International Karaoke+
– Dust layer Coding Tutorials
– Digital Excess Tools
– Pic2spr V1.2E
– HVSID Player Plugin v4b
– Attitude Issue 15
– MP3 Plugin v6 [IDE64]
– Air Sea Battle Released
– Revolution V Released
– Ultimate Opus V0.2
– SID Duzz’ It V2.1.7
– Audiotap and WAV-PRG
* VIC 20 News
– The Real Vic-20 Prototype
* C16 and Plus/4 News
– YAPE Plus/4 Emulator Updates
– Club Info 135
– TedPlay V1.2.3 Released
* Amiga News
– Petro Tyschtschenko, Saku 2014
– Amiga.org Mugs & Mouse Mat
– Amiga: A Visual Compendium
– New Wazp3D Driver – Beta56
– AROS Vision 2.8.1 Uploaded
– ARES II Available Now
– Voxelnoid (AmigaOS4 / MorphOS)
– REV’n’GE
– ShowFiles (sf) 0.960 Released
– Melbourne #Commodore Club Meeting
– AHX Plug-in for Hollywood
* C64 Book Announcement
* Creating a GEOS File Icon
* Interview With Alex Smith
* Transfer SEQ Files to Evernote
* Bulletin Board System
* Interview With Brian Green
* Review: Alter Ego

Commodore Free Issue 84

December 14, 2014

Posted by Chris

The latest issue of Commodore Free is out. It’s got some great C16/Plus 4 content.

Download it here


* Editorial
* General News
– Cassiopei Supports C128
– The Secret of the 6500/1
– X500 Evo Case
– Tapuino: $20 C64 Tape Emulator
– Project Hermes
– CDTV – SCSI Controller
– TPUG Film Shoot in Starbucks
– Commodore Production Line
* C64 News
– Digital Excess Tools Disk
– Die Ringe von Coplar [German]
– DirMaster v3.0.0
– Reset Issue 04 Released
– CBMXfer 0.40 Released
– Super Cars 4 For The C64 Released
– Sprite Pad V2.0 Beta 1
– Lunar Blitz RX
– Password Supplier V1.0
– Relaunch64 V3.3
– The Tree Angel 3SID
– Burnin’ Pen ’64
– Gamebase 64 v12
– Magic Desk Cartridge Generator
– BASIC 7.80 Extension for C128
– Commodore Fan Gazette #4
– Komoda Issue 10 Released
– Menel Disk Magazine Issue 14
* VIC 20 News
– 20 Games That Defined the VIC-20
– Warning Demo for the VIC 20
– Minesweeper Mini Released
* Plus/4 News
– Rocket Science
– Temple Of Terror
– TED – Bil Herd
* PET News
– Assembler Party Demo Competition
* Amiga News
– New EasyNet Update
– Top 15 Amiga 500 Game Music
– The Gadget We Miss: Video Toaster
– DVI Backplate for 1200Mk2cr
– New Articles on Obligement
– NetSurf 3.2 Released
– Chrysalis 3.7.1 for MorphOS 3.7
– MorphOS 3.7 Released
– BitJam 191 Available
* CRL Lost In Time
* Interview With Clem Chambers
* Interview With Jeff Lee
* Interview With Paul Stoddart
* Interview With Jay Derrett
* Review: International Soccer
* Review: Sun Star [Plus/4]
* Review: Berks [C16]
* Review: Land of Neverwhere
* Review: Rocky Horror Show
* Review Tau Ceti
* Review: Tubular Bells
* Review: Inner Space
* Review: Dracula
* Unreleased games

A C16 Video Guide of the Princess C64SD

December 8, 2014

Posted by Baz

In these 2 videos, I will be demonstrating some of the capabilities of the Princess C64SD device.

In the first video, I will take a little look at the new SD2IEC itself, and will show you how to load files on the C16 and C64, including .TAP files.

In this second video, I demonstrate how to rip the data from original tape cassettes converting them into .tap images for use with the C64SD or similar SD2IEC devices and emulators such as YAPE. I will also demonstrate how to copy a .tap image back onto a blank cassette.

For more information on the Princess C64SD including purchasing info, please visit their main website: www.manosoft.it

Dirty Den – Review

October 21, 2014

Posted by Baz

Title: Dirty Den
Programmer: Vakis Paraskeva
Publisher: Probe Software
Year: 1986
Language: English

Download or Play Online


Review by Baz

Q: What do you get if you cross a vintage platform game with a once popular British TV soap villian?
A: Plagiarism.

Why Vakis way back in 1986 decided to title the game and main character after the then current original Queen Vic pub landlord in fictitious drama Eastenders remains a mystery. There’s absolutely no resemblance between the two whatsoever that he may as well had named him Ronald McDonald although Probe Software really would have had a lawsuit on their hands.
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SD2IEC Games Collection

September 23, 2014

Posted by Baz

A little while back, one of our members who calls himself StarshipUK posted an interesting yet undeservedly quickly forgotten thread on our forum which you can read here.

He linked us to his own personal project where he had gathered up all the C16/Plus4 games and then specially formatted them alphabetically to work flawlessly with the SD2IEC device.

Unfortunately his site and link is now long since dead. Fortunately, I have found a copy on my hard-drive and re-uploaded it here, which you may download on the link below.

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