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1551 Disk Drive – User Guide

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Part Number: 25
Publisher: Commodore Electronics Ltd
Year of publishing: 1984


The 1551 disk drive greatly increases the speed, storage capacity, flexibility and reliability
of your Commodore computer. As you use the 1551 disk drive, you will appreciate its
superiority to the cassette recorder you may have used before and to disk drives offered for
other brands of computers.
• Speed
If you have used a cassette recorder for data storage, you probably know it can take up
to an hour just to search one long cassette tape looking for a specific program. With the
1551 disk drive, a list of all the programs on a diskette appears on your screen in
seconds. The speed of program loading is also greatly improved. It takes the 1551 only
a minute to load a large program that would take a half-hour to load from tape.
• Reliability
Reliability is another reason for choosing a disk drive. It is all too common for a cassette
user to accidentally erase a valuable program by saving a new program on top of the old
one, without realizing it. The 1551 automatically verifies everything it records.
• Direct File Access
A third advantage of a disk drive is the ability to use relative files (discussed in Chapter
6). On a diskette, any part of a relative file can be accessed and altered separately,
without affecting the rest of the file.
Overall, using a disk drive makes for easier and more powerful computing.

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