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2 New Puzzle Games from Csabo

Csabo from Plus4world sure does like his puzzle games.

So much so that he decided that two popular games in particular were just too good an opportunity to miss, and so in all his wisdom has decided to convert them onto the good old unexpanded Commodore 16.

The first game topped the android charts recently. The game is called 2048 which is a sliding tile numbers game. The objective is to connect two of the same numbered tiles together which then multiplies it by two into a new single tile. i.e Two 2 point tiles turn into a single 4 point tile. Two 4 point tiles turn into a single 8 point tile. Two 8’s for a 16 and so on. The aim is to reach the 2048 point tile hence the title. The game is over when you either reach 2048 or you run out of moves. It is fiendishly addictive so grab it HERE and give it a go now.
2048_title 2048

The second game Floodit is a popular colour elimination game, and like 2048 there are a few variations sweeping the internet and android devices. This variation is based on an online flash adaption of the same name which you can play HERE. In this one you have to fill a multicoloured screen of blocks starting from the top-left corner reducing the coloured blocks to just one single colour by pressing corresponding colour keys 1 to 8 depending on the difficulty level. You only have so many moves to achieve a 100% mark with 16 levels in all. You also accumalate points on each level with extra bonus points for 100% completion of any given level which adds towards the total score. There is also a random practice mode which will give you a random layout for you to hone your skills on. You can grab the download HERE!
floodit_title floodit_main

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