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Shop update

June 11, 2014

Today I’ve had a very productive telephone call with Jurek discussing the shop.  We are going to be offering the 64k external memory upgrade and other new items shortly.  Next week we will update new pictures of the items.


We’ve had to increase our prices by £2.00 per item due to increasing postal charges.  All our prices do still include shipping.

Click here to visit our hardware shop

Derby retro meet up – 12th July 2014

June 10, 2014

Hi all,

Were organising a retro meet up on Saturday 12th July. Were situated near the centre of Derby and have great facilities for a retro event. There are two more large rooms that can accommodate more systems too. Currently we’ve got one room set up with the following machines all working to play on:

Commodore 16
Commodore Plus 4
Commodore 116
Commodore 232
Vic 20
Dragon 32
Acorn Electron
Spectrum 48 & +2
Large projector screen with DOSBOX
Atari Lynx

Have a look at this StiGGy’s blog for a review of our last meet up:

The day will start from 09:00 and finish when we’ve all had enough. Local sandwich shops/chippies. Coffee machine on site.

All are welcome, but we do ask that you announce your intentions to come so we can keep a track of numbers.

If interested please email us or reply to the forum/facebook.

Ten years fly by so fast

April 27, 2014

Where do I start, ten years ago I was running a website called tq-gaming which was a multi format site. But my passion wasn’t with many old systems but with my first computer the Commodore 16. I managed to acquire the commodore16.com domain and the rest became history. The site has seen many faces over the years, always looking for improvement and accessibility for all the readers. In 2006 my co-webmaster joined the team, Sixteenplus. Who brought his passion for the system into the site. The site would not be the same without all of our members, some who are regular posters and others come back every so often.

We remain a simple user based website, and our new format hopefully will promote that. Here’s to another ten years and thank you to everybody involved.

We’re back

April 22, 2014

Hi everyone, we’re back.  Although its going to take a bit of time to get everything back to the way it was.  The website platform is much more stable.


The forum and shop are now working and the next job is to transfer the articles from the old version of the site.


Thank you for your support and patience during this time.





Adventures In Time 2 Preview

July 9, 2013

Some exciting news. We can finally present a downloadable and playable quick demo of the long anticipated Adventures in Time 2 Preview for the Plus4 (C16/C116+64K) which was released at the Arok 2013 party in Hungary on Sat July 6th, 2013.

Adventures In Time 2 - Preview

You can also download it on plus4world by following >This Link<

As usual so far it’s a multi-screen adventure. In this preview you receive infinite lives. Use the arrow keys to move and jump. You can also turn jump direction whilst in mid-air. There are some things to collect but once all collected there doesn’t seem much more to do except turn off the game. But this is just a quick preview after all.

The graphics and sounds again look really neat and again so far there seems to be no use of the fire button, this might change however as it has been strongly hinted that there may be possible puzzle elements thrown in to solve so we’re really looking forward to seeing how this finally develops. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out. For now though, so far so good.

Until the next update. Enjoy :)