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Android C16/Plus 4 emulator (AnVice)

For those that have access to the Facebook group, you’ll have seen the video of AnVice running perfectly on my Android JXD S7800B.  The emulator takes a bit of tweaking, see this link for the tweaks



For AnVice you can download it here. Download the 31.4 meg file, AnVICE-all-2.4.3.apk


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  1. Baz says:

    Nice find Chris. I’ve been looking for one for ages 🙂

    Just to note. I have found on my Samsung GT-18190N android phone that to get it to work, I need to select NTSC mode in the options, otherwise it fails to boot up and automatically closes the app.

    I’m unsure why, and it probably means that I cannot play games that are PAL only on it. It’s the same with all the Commodore platforms except the main C64 one. Still, it should play enough alright 😀

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