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Beginners Micro Guides – Commodore 16

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ISBN: 0246126809
Author: Jonathan Inglis
Publisher: Granada Publising
Year of publishing: 1985



The Commodore 16 is an exciting machine.  You can play games on it, or use it like a notebook to store information.  It can draw multi coloured patterns and play music.  This book will teach you how to make your Commodore 16 do many jobs.  There is a lot to learn; you may find it slow going at first, but dont be in too much of a hurry.  A computer is a complicated machine.  It takes skill and patience to use it properly.

It also needs care.  The computer is delicate, so treat it carefully.  Dont hammer the keys and dont be tempted to take the lid off just to look inside!  Later in this bok we’ll show you whats inside.

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