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An Introduction to Basic – Part 1

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Author: Professor Andrew Colin
Publisher: Commodore Business Machines
Year: 1984



Welcome to the programming course forthe
COMMODORE 16 and PLUS/4. Both these
machines are superb for playing games and
producing brilliant and exciting pictures and
sounds an your TV set; but they are also complete
modern computers in their own right.
Computers are extraordinarily versatile;
mare so, in fact, than anything except a human.
Your computer for instance, con be switched to
bea teaching machine, a calculator, an aid to the
handicapped, a ward processor, a machine for
financial records and stock control, a monitor for
a patient in an intensive care unit, a controllerfor
an industrial process, or a scientific computer
used by engineers to design buildings, power
stations and aircraft.
Computers and the systems they control are
steadily entering into our everyday I ives. Already
many devices such as traffic lights, cash registers,
and banking terminals have computers behind
the scenes. This trend will continue for most of our
lifetimes. The world is passing through a
computer revolution, which will be as profound in
its effects as the Industrial Revolution was in its
own time.
The Computer Revolution can’t be stopped;
but all of us can, if we like, have some influence
on the way it goes. The world is becoming
divided into two sorts of people – the
passengers and the pilots. The passengers let it
all just happen; they may enjoy using computerbased
products, or they may hate computers, or
bath. They often make their views known, but
without any real effect – they can’t reach the
controls, and wouldn’t know how to use them if
they could.

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