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C16/+4 Hardware

264 Hardware

4 Bit Digitizer (by Solder)For connection with the userport from the plus/4. Compatible to the software from SAM-digitizer in the “Compute mit”. The digitizer can simply adjust. Connectors: 3,5mm-Cinch-Stereo for Walkman®, recoder or HiFi-Device. Connection for a headphone for control the signal.


264 Speed King Joystick alt ANCO Turbo Plus Cartridge V1.0 alt ANCO Turbo Plus Cartridge V1.02 alt Cartridge Expander (by Solder)

With this card you can use 3 modules WITH DIFFERENT FUNCTION (e.g. a SID-card, a SRAM-Card and a RS232-card) at the same time on expansionport. alt
Misc Catridge Roms alt Digi-Blaster (by Solder)

Without soldering connect this card with your sid-card. With 8-bit-digital/analogconverter for digital-out and 8-bit-sampler for digital-in. This card take the signal from “audio in”-port at the SID-card. alt
SID Card (by Solder)

Sounds from C64 now for plus/4! Plug the card in expansionport and ready. You can adjust the volume on the card. You can hear the sound over the plus/4 or take it over a 3,5mm-Stereo-Cinch for HiFi-Device. 9-pin-SUB-D (kompatible to C64) for a 3rd joystic or a proportional-mouse. alt
Eprom Burner (by Solder)

This EPROM-Burner for the plus/4-userport burns all EPROMs from 2764 to 272001 and the CMOS-types. You select the type at the burner with 4 switches and in the program. The connection is over the userport and the datasette-port. You can use EPROMs with burnvoltage 12,5V and 21V alt
Joystick Extender alt
64KB SRAM CARD (by Solder) alt



Printer Cable alt




Trojan Light Pen alt




RS232 Cable with adapter alt


C64 Tape on 264 Machines adapter alt



Jurek’s 64k of RAM alt





Jurek’s Null Modem alt





RAM Electronics 16k upgrade V1 alt



RAM  Electronics 16k upgrade V2 alt



Interface 1 (Tape Copier) alt


Instructions Download

Plus 4 alt







C16 altaltalt






C116 altalt







Plus 4, upgraded to 256k and with SRAM upgrade  (by Solder) alt

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