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C16/Plus 4 Reference Book

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ISBN: 2717001015
Author: Fritz Schaffer
Publisher: Anco
Year of publishing: 1986



In 1984 Commodore introduced two computer models the C-16 and the Plus 4, which inspite of excellent performance remain in the shadown of the bestseller C-64.  In this book, we would like to show you that these models are grossly underestimated, because the offer among other things an extremely effiecien BASIC (much better than that of the C-64), excellent graphic possibilities (320 x 200 points in 121 colours), expansion facilities and an ever increasing software base at very reasonable procers.

The main points in this book are subjects which are insuffieciently or not at all dealt with in the manual supplied with the computers.  It is , therefore, for all those poeple who want to broaden their knowledge of BASIC and by using the machine code want to make use of all the possibilites of the C-16, specially with regard to graphics and sound.

To make things easier, I will only talk about the C-16 in this book since the Plus 4 is identical (keyboard, RAM) apart from small differences.  Should differences occur, I will point them out to you.

After reading this book you will know your computer better and will be able to program more effectively.  I have endeavoured to make the subjects more interesting with numerous examples since, everyone knows, one picture says more than a thousand words.

Fritz Schaffer 1986

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