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Category: Hardware

This card emulates an EPROM-modul on expansionport in bank a and f. You can use it for developing new modul-software, for often used programs and as setup-memory for OS96. The datas are backuped with a battery. The card is fully softwarecontrolled. Cards with more than 64kb has more 64kb-areas. There is a switch for the […]

Category: Hardware

This EPROM-Burner for the plus/4-userport burns all EPROMs from 2764 to 272001 and the CMOS-types. You select the type at the burner with 4 switches and in the program. The connection is over the userport and the datasette-port. You can use EPROMs with burnvoltage 12,5V and 21V. The burner comes with the 32- pin-Textool, software […]