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CBM264.com is back.   From this site you can legally download GEOS for the C16/Plus4.


A huge thank you to James for bringing his fabulous site back from the grave.

Other GEOS Download Sources:

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  1. Jim Peters says:

    Just tried the CBM264.com web site and all I get is Geico ads. Would really like to try out the GEOS on my Plus/4.

  2. Baz says:

    I see what you mean. That’s a shame. Hope it’s not permanent 😕

    Anyway, I’ve found another download source: http://plus4.othersi.de/plus4/Tools/Geos/

    I’ve added the link in the original post too. I’ve never used GEOS myself, but there seems to be quite a lot of content in the GEOS pack. Might even take a look myself 🙂

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