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Commodore 16 Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner

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ISBN: 0861611861
Author: Peter Beresford
Year of publishing: 1985


So, you’ve had your C16 for a while and you’ve been using BASIC to
write programs to do simple tasks. You’ve slowly been exploring and
experimenting with your new computer.
Maybe you’ve used your computer to run some professionally written
software: word processing, accounting systems, educational software
or games.
You may have wondered what it is that makes these programs so
different to the ones you have been writing in BASIC. These professional
programs seem to be able to do many tasks at the same time, including
functions which you may have not realised that your computer can do.
Apart from the size of the programs, and the amount of time spent in
writing them, the one major difference between your programs and most
of the programs that you will buy in a store, is that most professional
programs are written wholly or partly in machine language.
Machine language is a must for the really serious programmer. Most
games, useful utilities and interface programs are written in machine
language. •
This book attempts to give you an introduction to the world of machine
language, the other side of your Commodore 16.
You will be led through the microprocessor’s instruction set slowly at
first, practising each instruction learned using the monitor/program.
As we work through the instruction set you will meet new concepts
and features of your computer, some of which you may not have known it ·
possessed .
You are encouraged throughout the book to check that the
computer’s output is what you would logically expect it to be. Keep a
pen and paper close at hand to copy on paper what the microprocessor
is doing to get its answers and to see if your answers agree.
Appendices with explanations are supplied at the back of the book
and you will often be referred to these in the text of the book. The rest are
provided to give you some information to continue on after you have
finished working your way through this book. A list of commonly used
terms isalso provided if you become confused by the terms used in the

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