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Commodore Free Issue 36


Issue 36 of the magazine is now out.
This months contents:

–Hyperion Entertainment CVBA and Amiga Inc. reach settlement
–Cloanto updates to Amiga and C64 Forever
–VCF East 6.0 videos posted
–Commodore Plus/4 Games
–Beta Testers Wanted
–Bombjack Archive DVD
–Flash Attack Game Conversion to VIC 20
–Steampunk Commodore 64
–Bubbler Found C64
–64JPX Tested and Updated
–Final Expansion Available for Purchase
–Jim Brain has a Storefront
–Cartograph V1.1 by Arkanix Labs
–Amitopia TV Release New Episode
–OpenCBM – XU1541 update
–Amiga Twitter Client
–SOASC Updated
–Chuck Peddle Interview
–MIDIbox SID V2 Bassline Demo #3 c64
-Interview With Mike Dailly
-Commodore At Work
-Commodore 16 Programming
-Wild Bunch Review
-Wild Bunch Bug Update
-Wild Bunch Cheets Guide

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