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Commodore Plus/4 Integrated Software Manual

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Author: Dave Johnson
Publisher: Commodore Business Machines
Year of publishing: 1984


Using the Commodore Plus/4 Integrated Software

The Commodore Plus/4’s built-in software packages are available at the press of a function key. These four software packages make the Plus/4 "the productivity machine ", versatile and practical for both small business and home use. This User’s Manual explains in an easy-to-follow tutorial style how to use the Plus 4s built-in software packages:

• Word Processor
• Spreadsheet
• File manager
• Graphics

You can use each package separately or together, since the four built-in packages are INTEGRATED. This means you can share information between packages; for example take figures from the spreadsheet and include them in a wordprocessor letter. This manual explains how this integration between thesoftware works with examples that you can follow step-by-step.

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