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Commodore Scene – March 2005

(Taken from the old version of the website)

Last weekend I attended the Commodore Scene meet up in Garforth.  An excellent time was had by all.  Some surprising news is that the weekend wasn’t totally about the C64, but the Plus 4 was used so much.  Firstly, Jason (TMR) showed us some of his Plus 4 games/demo’s that he produced and also some of his finished work.  We are proud to announce that we have been provided a copy of this work and will be reviewing it shortly on the site.  Downloads wont be offered as the products will be sold through Cronosoft as commercial game.  Shaun Bebbington introduced me to GEOS for the Plus 4, which is just so out of this world and in the next few weeks I will be putting a article together for the site.  More details to come very soon!!!!!!

Here’s some pictures from the weekend.  (The quality isn’t too good as two of them are taken with my phone)


The plus 4 in action with Jason’s new game.


Shaun Fixing one of the C64’s.


A group photo 🙂

Special Commodore Scene News Letter

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