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All items are produced by the Commodore16.com team.

The shop is based around Paypal, which is a very secure method of payment. Its now free and quick to set up a account with them. Takes about 5 minutes, no waiting to get verified as it used to be. But if you don’t want to pay via Paypal, you can always send a cheque/postal order (email for details on cheques/postal orders).

Postage and Packaging is included worldwide (No hidden extra’s), delivery will be within 15 days.


Commodore disk drive cable £7.30 

SCART cable £8.00 

C16/Plus 4 Joystick adapter £6.50 

X1531 Cable £11.50 

XA1541 Cable £14.00 

XE1541 Cable £10.00 

XM1541 Cable £10.00 

X1541 Cable £8.00 

XU1541 Adapter with cables – 2 Week delay due to popular demand £40.00 

XU1541 Adapter without cables – 2 Week delay due to popular demand £31.00 


  1. Twiggy Twiggy says:

    Will you ever sell a C16 to C64 datassette adapter? It would be very useful for using a SDIEC with the C16. Or an external RAM upgrade?

  2. Fabrizio_Caruso says:

    I ordered 2 x joystick adaptors on the 30th of November. So far I have not received them.
    Can I have more information about the order status?

  3. alfredotato says:

    Hello. I’ve just bought an XA1541 cable from you. Please let me know if you can ship it this Saturday or sooner. (Otherwise, Monday will be fine.) Thank you for your help.

    • Chris Chris says:


      I’ve only just picked up your message about the cable. All items from the shop take approximately 15 working days to deliver as they are made to order. I will email our engineer tomorrow and ask for a eta.



  4. Twiggy Twiggy says:

    Hello there,

    I was wondering whether there was any update on the external memory upgrade?



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