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Computer Battle Games

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ISBN: 0 86020 685 8
Author: Jenny Tyler and Les Howarth
Designed by Graham Round and Roger Priddy, Robot Invaders program by Bob Merry
Illustrated by Rex Archer, Jim Bamber, Tony Baskeyfield, Martin Newton and Graham Round
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Year of publishing: 1982


This book contains simple games
programs to play on a microcomputer.
They are written for use on ZX81, ZX
TRS-80 and Pet and Apple micros, and
manyare short enough to fit into the
Most micros use the language BASIC,
but they aU have their own variations or
dialects. In this book, the main listing for
each program works on the ZX81 and
Unes which need changing for the other
computers are marked with symbols and
printed underneath. The fact that the
programs are written for several micros
means that they do not make fuU use of
each one’s faciUties. You could try
finding ways of making the programs
shorter and neater for your micro.
For each game, there are ideas for
changing and adding to the programs
and towards the back ofthe book you
wiU find tips and hints on writing games
of your own. Also in the book is a
conversion chart to help you adapt
programs in magazines and other books
for your micro and a summary of the
BASIC terms used in this book.

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