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Computer+Video Games C16/+4 Special

A free brand new C16/Plus4 special edition of Computer+Video Games is now available for download.

We reckon that not many people are aware that C+VG reviewed a total of 51 games for the C16/-4, which includes The Berks Trilogy compilation.

This retrospective includes every one of them for the 264 series. All the scans has been digitally reformatted and cleaned up, no yellowing of the pages to give a nice fresh original magazine feel. Plus another new cover design for this retrospective lookback on yet another classic magazine.

PDF Format
You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view this, which you can download HERE

Download this special release from HERE

RAR Format
The magazine in numbered .jpg images. This comes with cviewer which is slightly similar to the Adobe Acrobat viewer.
Grab it HERE

You can also purchase the full magazine scans on DVD of this and many other classic computer gaming magazines at the Zzap Zzuperstore

Watch this site for another magazine project which is now currently underway.

Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy this special 🙂

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