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Auf Wiedersehen Monty Secret Rooms

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    Chris had a little trouble in this game. So for anyone stuck, here’s some help.


    Fig 1.
    The arrow points upto a secret entrance by climbing up the rope through the ceiling to the right-hand cave in Fig 2. Monty is standing on a secret ledge that leads up through the ceiling somewhere, just follow around and jump to find it. See fig3 for the point where Monty Mole will arrive.
    Fig 2.
    Monty is seemingly trapped in the cave, but the only way out is the way you came in by moving down here, left into the cave on the left and then down again through the floor, where you came in from Fig 1.
    Fig 3.
    Monty climbs up from the room below in Fig 1, and appears here. This is the only way back down from here.
    Fig 4.
    This will lead down into a small chamber into the screen below.
    Oops. There was a coin here to the right of Monty, but I had already collected it, but it’s there.
    Fig 5.
    Climb down through the floor from just above where Monty is at the bottom, and then walk to the right where you see a little gap in the floor, that is where you’ll find another coin. The blue pipe will lead you back down to the top of the screen in Fig 2.
    Fig 6.
    Another secret entrance taking you through into the final Germany room on the left side.
    You then appear here, and escape through the bottom right.
    …To appear here. See Fig 5 to escape.

    Fig 1.
    This isn’t so tricky. It’s all to do with position and timing. Jump from where Monty is standing around the moment where the nasty is going upwards to get the coin just to his left. The other red dotted arrow line below marks the invisible platform for Monty to walk across, and the red circle is where Monty can jump through the wall onto the next screen.
    Fig 2.
    The final tricky part. You have to jump onto the invisible platforms to get the coin, and then back again before you move onto the final screen.


    Your a frigging genius. I cant believe how many years I’ve been stuck on that one. The worst screen was Rome, right at the bottom and could I hell get out of it. Will add this to the main game listing 😀 cheers

    Link back to the game entry



    No problem, cheers. Well back in the day I never really took time enough to work all this out. Actually when playing it again today with infinite lives, it only took me about 5mins to figure out the 2nd Rome screen 😆

    The red markings are an educated guesswork on where the invisible platforms are. It’s hard to figure out the length of them too so it’s a rough estimate.

    The 1st screen in Rome above is probably the trickiest, because it’s all about pixel perfect timing to get that coin in the narrow opening. 1 pixel out and you’re probably dead.



    I’m attempting a longplay video for youtube withtout cheats. The game is certainly completable, but it’s very VERY tough on a few screens.

    ^^^Not the toughest, but certainly one of them. Can anyone tell me if it’s possible to clear this screen without actually losing a life? It certainly doesn’t seem so 😕

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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