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    Hi all,

    If somebody is interested in, I made few games for my humble C16.

    Mr Angry Dude

    Dork Dave And The Dirty Trick

    twitter: https://twitter.com/RGMisfit
    homepage: www.riimukivi.net



    Hi Misfit. Apologies for it taking so long to approve your request to join. We have had a terrible spamming problem here, and we need to approve anyone who gets through our security system. I guess we’ve been a bit too busy with other things to check new registrants too.

    It’s been tricky as still a few spambots get through our security so it’s still guessing who is genuine and who isn’t. You were obviously genuine going by your email address. So welcome to the forum, at last.

    Note to self: Will need to add a note on the registration page to pick a username and/or email that’s relevant to Commodore or retrogaming for genuine member identification.

    Anyway they’re great little games. There’s not enough 16k game releases these days, so looking forward to seeing anymore in the future 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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