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    Sixteen Plus

    Got fed up of my setup taking up my living room space hogging the main TV area. So I went a bit extra mad with my Argos store card last couple of days. Bought a new portable TV, a digital indoor aerial, a desk and another grey swivel chair, same chair as the one for my PC.

    It took a few hours to assemble, pain in the backside. But I now have my personally perfect retro Commodore gaming nerd setup. A nice bonus in being able to watch a spot of TV in bed once more :)

    I don’t really do tapes and disks anymore as they take up too much space. I use the Princess C64SD for my C16. Amazing piece of hardware with great tape emulation. I use the 1541 Ultimate-II for my C64.

    P.S. Sorry it’s been a while. I kind of put my C16 gaming on hold until I could find some permanent space and cash for all my equipment in this cramped tiny flat of mine.


    Excellent in two ways 1- Fantastic that you have a great new Commodore set up, next day off I have I’m doing the same.
    2- Great to see a fresh post on this great forum. To celebrate it’s time to play the best version of KikStart….the C16 version of course!!!

    Long live the C16!!!


    Sixteen Plus

    It has been a while. I have a suspicion the spammer block system is being over cautious again which is another reason why it’s been so quiet here lately. It puts a lot of new registrations up for admin approval, but it’s knowing who is genuine to approve and who isn’t that’s the tricky part on our part. Chris knows more about this system than I do though. Maybe it’s time for another small update.

    I played Kikstart a couple of days back or so. Posted my score on the Hall of Fame on plus4world. So maybe it’s time I removed the hi-score challenge from this forum as it’s no longer needed seeing as the Plus4world one is far better, and it’s more self-automated.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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