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Green Beret

Title: Green Beret
Publisher: Imagine Software/The Hit Squad
Year: 1986
Language: English
Genre: Platformer


Cheats (you will need them)

>1A08 AD
>1C65 AD
>2180 AD
– Unlimited lives
>20D0 24
>1C65 60
– Invulnerability
G1B00 – Restart game

Review By Sixteen Plus

This arcade coin-op needs no introduction, so onto a very brief review.

It looks like it was written in BASIC.

There is no proper title screen, and no in-game intro sequences.

You only have a knife which you can’t use lying down and there are no collectable weapons, whilst the enemies have bullets.

The sound is awful and just consists of 1 puny stab sound effect.

The graphical backdrops are horrible and the characters are ill-defined, blocky with glitches throughout.

The playing field just scrolls to the next screen when you reach the edge so you can’t see what is directly ahead.

If you thought other versions were hard, then this game is just impossible.

If somehow you manage to get through this multiload mess of a game using the 255 lives cheat, your only reward is a “The End” message in small font on the top left of a blank screen. What, you expected something more?

There are no redeeming features.

Need I really say anymore?

OK then… This is the worst example of Green Beret you’ll ever have the fortune never to play. If you want a better C16/+4 Green Beret clone, then forget this ever existed and play the far more superior in everyway Bridge Head instead not that it’s saying much.

Presentation: 1
What presentation? No proper title screen, just one puny knife which you can’t use lying down, the flick screen scrolling gives precious little time to avoid being hit. A messy multiload with no end sequence except for a Press Play On Tape message which leads to oblivion and it looks and feels like it was written in BASIC.
Graphics: 2
Jerky monochrome character sprites wobbles along a minimal garish backdrop.
Sound: 1
Just one simple stab sound effect and that’s it.
Playability: 2
As soon as you click fire to start, you’ll quickly wish you hadn’t, the game is tough.
Lasting Appeal: 1
Very tough. The appeal to play again is very quickly lost from the first go.
Overall: 1
If you’re a fan of the arcade original then do yourself a huge favour and play Bridge Head instead.

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