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Dirty Den – Review

October 21, 2014

Title: Dirty Den
Programmer: Vakis Paraskeva
Publisher: Probe Software
Year: 1986
Language: English

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Review by c16guy

Q: What do you get if you cross a vintage platform game with a once popular British TV soap villian?
A: Plagiarism.

Why Vakis way back in 1986 decided to title the game and main character after the then current original Queen Vic pub landlord in fictitious drama Eastenders remains a mystery. There’s absolutely no resemblance between the two whatsoever that he may as well had named him Ronald McDonald although Probe Software really would have had a lawsuit on their hands.
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SD2IEC Games Collection

September 23, 2014

A little while back, one of our members who calls himself StarshipUK posted an interesting yet undeservedly quickly forgotten thread on our forum which you can read here.

He linked us to his own personal project where he had gathered up all the C16/Plus4 games and then specially formatted them alphabetically to work flawlessly with the SD2IEC device.

Unfortunately his site and link is now long since dead. Fortunately, I have found a copy on my hard-drive and re-uploaded it here, which you may download on the link below.

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Rig Attack

August 25, 2014

Title: Rig Attack
Publisher: Tynesoft Computer Software
Programmer: Ian Davison
Year: 1984
Language: English
Genre: Shoot Em Up

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Review By Barry Lendrum (aka Sixteen Plus)

There’s been plenty of air/sea attack style games over the years where you usually take control of a boat or an air craft and basically have to bomb the submarines to merry hell or be blown out of the sky yourself, and this one is little exception.

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Temple Of Terror

August 23, 2014

Yes, for all you GET LAMP lovers out there, there is yet another graphical text adventure converted from the C64 to the humble C16 with a (required) 64K expansion. This particular one is called Temple Of Terror from US Gold/Adventuresoft. This isn’t just any old release though. It’s the ultimate version which makes an originally poorly implemented uncompletable game actually pretty good and very completable.


You see, the original C64 release was choc full of spelling, grammatical and programming errors which recieved a terrible review in Zzap64 magazine way back in the day. It also had plenty of graphical glitches too, as well as some other parser errors. Basically it was incompletable including on the ZX Spectrum.

But Csabo has now fixed them all for a C16+64K release (or plus4 for the impure). As well as this now being the only completable version, he has also in his wisdom included a slightly more sensible solution with additional new graphics from Chronos.


This has also been extra playtested by myself, so you have it on that extra good authority that this is now most definitely the definitive release.


Head over to Plus4world and check it out.

Shop update

June 11, 2014

Today I’ve had a very productive telephone call with Jurek discussing the shop.  We are going to be offering the 64k external memory upgrade and other new items shortly.  Next week we will update new pictures of the items.


We’ve had to increase our prices by £2.00 per item due to increasing postal charges.  All our prices do still include shipping.

Click here to visit our hardware shop

Derby retro meet up – 12th July 2014

June 10, 2014

Hi all,

Were organising a retro meet up on Saturday 12th July. Were situated near the centre of Derby and have great facilities for a retro event. There are two more large rooms that can accommodate more systems too. Currently we’ve got one room set up with the following machines all working to play on:

Commodore 16
Commodore Plus 4
Commodore 116
Commodore 232
Vic 20
Dragon 32
Acorn Electron
Spectrum 48 & +2
Large projector screen with DOSBOX
Atari Lynx

Have a look at this StiGGy’s blog for a review of our last meet up:

The day will start from 09:00 and finish when we’ve all had enough. Local sandwich shops/chippies. Coffee machine on site.

All are welcome, but we do ask that you announce your intentions to come so we can keep a track of numbers.

If interested please email us or reply to the forum/facebook.