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Princess now with C16 Tape Grabber Support

News Update from Manosoft.it
*** The Universal Kit is now back in stock ***

A promise is a promise so I send you this news in advance. I told you that we were working on a grabber working also on Commodore 264 series computers (C16, C116, Plus-4 etc), so, I’m happy to say the wait is over!

New Grabber code has been improved and now it allows to grab also cassettes of Commodore Computers of 264 series producing both TAP version 1 and TAP version 2 compliant tape images. So it will work also with tapes using fastloaders like Novaload or any other that relies on both half-waves duration to code pulses.

It was tested on several hundreds tapes of the two types only but the results have been so good we decided to release it.

Firmware (the one with “C” suffix) will be soon available for download on the support site www.mandsoft.it along with the updated 50 pages pdf manual (V1.2) in English and Italian.

Ciao !


The wait really is now over. The Firmware Update is now available for download.

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