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Retro North 2007

The event ( Taken from www.retronorth.co.uk)

Retro North was held on the 25th August 2007 at Glossop Rugby Union Football Club on what was one of the few dry days we’d had this summer. Over eighty people turned out to play games, talk to friends, and of course, drink beer. The conservatory was packed with a mixture of consoles from the eighties, nineties and a few more modern consoles too. In the main area there were arcade cabinets and a projector connected to a Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360, which most of the time had Guitar Hero on. We also had the Conssole Passion stall, Weekend Gamer TV, RGCD, Cronosoft, Jonathan Caudwell and of course Steve Pickford who did an excellent Q&A session despite a broken PA system which we only managed to fix in time for Andy to announce the Console Passion quiz winners.

As you know all the proceeds from Retro North went to the Diabetes UK charity. We’re delighted to announce we made £517.71 for the charity! A big, big thank you to everyone who turned up on the day, whether it was to bring stuff, help out, or just play the games and have a laugh.

Photo’s that I took during the event.

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