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SD2IEC Games Collection

A little while back, one of our members who calls himself StarshipUK posted an interesting yet undeservedly quickly forgotten thread on our forum which you can read here.

He linked us to his own personal project where he had gathered up all the C16/Plus4 games and then specially formatted them alphabetically to work flawlessly with the SD2IEC device.

Unfortunately his site and link is now long since dead. Fortunately, I have found a copy on my hard-drive and re-uploaded it here, which you may download on the link below.

>>> Download Link <<<

I have also updated the archive replacing many bad C16 dumps which previously only worked on the Plus4, and also added all the newer games leading up to the month of October 2014.

It comes with the excellent CBM File Browser for easier loading. Make sure FB16.prg is the first program on the SD card so you can immediately SHIFT/RUNSTOP it to load the main disk menu.

All filenames are in lowercase without spaces and have had their .prg extensions removed which are not needed with the SD2IEC, all this saves space on the 16 character filename limit. He has also separated hacks, cracks & foreign language titles separately into their own seperate folders.

There is also an “Old” folder which contains the most popular english commercial releases from the small Gamebase collection.

He also states that you may need to use the Windows PC program DriveSort to sort everything alphabetically, after the RAR has been extracted to the SD Card. This has also been included in the download.

Personally I found this to be a great project idea which saves the trouble for everyone else, and have been using it for some time now myself. So on this basis it’s now about time we gave StarshipUK‘s hard work some proper grateful recognition and a very permanent new home here 🙂

>>> Download Link <<<

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