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Survival Guide to the 1541 Disk Drive

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Publisher: MegaSoft, Ltd.
Year of publishing: 1984


Congratulationsl You now own a Commodore and a 1541 Disk Drive.
You’ve got a great combination. Unfortunately, you’ve also got the VIC-1541
User’s Manual and you may be finding it tough to dig out the information
you need. That’s what this Survival Guide is here for. Here you can find the
information you need, in plain English, to make the most of your system.
You might want to glance through the entire Guide, just to get an idea of
what’s here and where it is. Don’t feel that you have to learn everything at
once! The Guide’s broken down into easy-to-swallow pieces. You say all you
want to do is load and run your new game disk Giant Space Marshmallows
Attack Harrisburg/? Fine. Look in the First Steps – ‘Ready-made disks’. You
want to save the nifty little program you just ran off? That’s First Steps – ‘Your
Own Disk’. The stupid little red light is blinking and you don’t have any idea
why? Look in Second Steps – ‘The Error Channel or That Stupid Red Light
is On AGAIN!’. It’s all here. Relax.
Another purpose for the Guide was to correct a few little mistakes in the
User’s Manual. I’ll give references to the User’s Manual so YOu’ll be able to
make comparisons.
There’s a section here on the Wedge program you got with your disk drive.
I’ll give you some reasons why you’ll want to use it, as well as a more comprehensive
list of commands.
You can also find some general information on files. I’ve included a section
on very general trouble-shooting and a bibliography of helpful books and
Last but certainly not least is the at-a-glance reference listings on the inside
of the cover. You can use the listings found there to jog your memory
of just what to type to Format, or Initialize or Read the Error Channel.
Have funl

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