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Temple Of Terror

Yes, for all you GET LAMP lovers out there, there is yet another graphical text adventure converted from the C64 to the humble C16 with a (required) 64K expansion. This particular one is called Temple Of Terror from US Gold/Adventuresoft. This isn’t just any old release though. It’s the ultimate version which makes an originally poorly implemented uncompletable game actually pretty good and very completable.


You see, the original C64 release was choc full of spelling, grammatical and programming errors which recieved a terrible review in Zzap64 magazine way back in the day. It also had plenty of graphical glitches too, as well as some other parser errors. Basically it was incompletable including on the ZX Spectrum.

But Csabo has now fixed them all for a C16+64K release (or plus4 for the impure). As well as this now being the only completable version, he has also in his wisdom included a slightly more sensible solution with additional new graphics from Chronos.


This has also been extra playtested by myself, so you have it on that extra good authority that this is now most definitely the definitive release.


Head over to Plus4world and check it out.

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