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The Commodore 16 Games Book

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ISBN: 0003830845
Author: Jim Gregory
Publisher: Collins Professional and Technical Books
Year of publishing: 1985



This book has been produced primarily for people who enjoy games
but would like to have the ‘pleasure’ of typing them in themselves. In
this way it is possible to build up a good collection of programs for
very little outlay.

Entering programs from listings is also the best way to learn the
syntax of BASIC and to see how various results can be obtained.
Later as you develop your programming skills you will be able to
adapt the programs to suit your own preferences.
Finally it is hoped that you will be suitably inspired and
experienced to be abk to write your own programs from scratch.
Although this book can be a useful aid to learning it is not designed
as a tutorial. If I had taken pages to tell you why and how each
element of a program functioned then there would probably only be
half as many listings! My aim and the aim of our merry band of
programmers has been to ensure that each program is well worth the
effort of typing in. In our efforts to ensure that the finished games are
satisfactory machine code routines have been incorporated. The code
is POKED into the memory from data and it will not be necessary to
know about the wild code.

It is important to realise however that CBM BASIC, even with a
little help from machine code, cannot equal a fully coded program.
The compromise which has been adopted in this book is as far as it is
possible to go without making each one totally machine code. In the
final analysis however it is whether the game is ‘playable’ that matters
and I hope you will agree that each game in this collection is
enjoyable and playable.

This book represents a great deal of hard work and long hours
from a team of people. I am pleased to be able to record my
appreciation to the following Mr Micro programmers: Issi, Greg,
Bootsy, David and Evan who each contributed a great deal to the
project. I am also grateful to our friends at Commodore for the loan
of equipment and for their valuable technical assistance.
The other important person to have worked on the book is my wife
Val who took my handwritten input and produced the finished
word processed output.

Finally I am grateful to Richard Miles of Collins who
commissioned this book and who ensured that despite the many
possible pitfalls of publishing it has reached you, the C 16 owner, for
whom the entire exercise was undertaken.
lim Gregory

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