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The Retro Magazine Preservation Project

Commodore Horizons (C16/+4 Special)

Commodore User (C16/+4 Special)

Computer & Video Games (C16/+4 Special)

Your Commodore – C16/Plus4 Retro Gamers Edition

Your Commodore – C16/Plus4 Programmers Edition

Zzap16 Supplement
Game Reviews

Auf Wiedersehen Monty


Dirty Den


Green Beret

Grid Trap

Ikari Warriors

Monkey Magic

Moon Buggy

More Adventures Of Big Mac (The Mad Maintenence Man)

Mr Puniverse


Saboteur! – C16

Saboteur! – Plus4


Terra Cognita


Tom Thumb

Tower Of Evil

Williamsburg Adventure 3

Sixteen Plus’s Youtube Page

The C16 “ORIGINAL” Magazine Game Listing Resurrections

Auf Wiedersehen Monty – Room Completion Tips

BMX Racers – Level 2 Walkthrough Minimap (the tricky part)

Yie Ar Kung-Fu – Longplay

Escape From Raka-Tua – Plus4

Williamsburg Adventure – Commodore 64

I also playtested the Plus4 conversion of Temple Of Terror

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