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Write your own adventure programs

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ISBN: 0860207412
Author: Jenny Tyler and Les Howarth
Designed by Roger Priddy
Illustrated by Penny Simon, Rob McCaig and Mark Longworth
Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd
Year of publishing: 1983

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Writing an adventure game from scratch is
quite a daunting task, especially if you are
new to computer programming. This book
allows you to start as gently as you like by
giving you an adventure listing which you
can type in and play, change and add to as
much as you like, or use as a skeleton
program for your very own adventure story.
The game written for this book is called
Ha un ted House and you will find the main
listing for it on pages 33-38. This will work
on any computer which uses Microsoftstyle
BASIC, including BBC, Dragon, Oric,
TRS-80 and expanded VIC 20, and has
changes to make it work on a 48K Spectrum
(Timex 2000). A special ZX81 (Timex 1000)
version of the game is listed on pages 39-45.
Turn straight to these pages if you want to
play the game before you find out how it
works. It is a specially good idea to do this if
you’ve never played an adventure game.

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