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XU1541 USB Adapter now available

From today you now can purchase the XU1541 adapter from our site shop.  The XU1541 was originally developed by Till Harbaum and the project was abandoned. But its now still well alive, thanks to our resident engineer Jurek.

This adapter is the modern version of the parallel port X1541 cable but now with USB capabilities. Allowing modern PC’s & laptops to use the Commodore range of disk drives such as the 1541 etc..

It comes in two packages both including world wide postage, the first being with a USB and serial cable at £34.00 (Now £38.00 due to increased cable costs), and second package without the cables at £29.00.  Both come with a custom built Opencbm and GUI.


So if you want to purchase one of these amazing adapter’s just head over to our shop.

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