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Your Commodore – C16/Plus4 Programmers Edition

A free brand new C16/Plus4 special programmers edition of Your Commodore is now available for download.

It includes every programming article that was featured in this long running magazine.

As always, all the scans have been straightened, reformatted and cleaned up, no yellowing of the pages blah blah blah of yet another classic British magazine.

This is only available for download in high-quality JPG images, it comes with CDisplay which is similar to the adobe acrobat if you wish to view it this way. You will need to download all 4 parts first so to open with winrar to extract the folders which is available free for download HERE

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

You can help the scene by purchasing the full magazine scans on DVD of this and many other classic computer gaming magazines at the Zzap Zzuperstore

You can also download the retro gamers edition HERE

Incidentally, this took a year to produce. The reason why it took so long besides the magazine being larger than usual and due to other commitments, was because I accidentally lost an important backup setting me back half the work. Oops.

Meanwhile, enjoy the articles, and please leave your comments below 🙂

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